So I know @styleisinyou and I weren’t the only ones in grade school who had hot Cheetos for breakfast, second breakfast, lunch and dinner! And whenever someone would ask for some you’d scrunch the bag so they couldn’t grab a lot😁😂 eating your hot Cheetos in peace without some asking for some was mission impossible! 🔥🐯 #getyourhandsoffmymamagetyourhandsoffmyhotcheetos #hotcheetos #sharingisntcaring

And the only bad thing about you was her, find someone that knows that you’re not perfect but treats you as if you are, come here baby let me take care of you

kiss me hard before you go #wcw @lanadelrey



Bitches be like….. “I’m so over him” @_makeupbyjacky_ @styleisinyou @v_knight

quality time with the sis 💀@_makeupbyjacky_

my little monkey 😋🐵💙 @frankieakapapi doing the @edmraves dance 🐥🐥 @yvette_michelle @anniemalstyle

Jasmine milk tea with mango stars 🌟😋